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Whitening Teeth

Step 1: Open the image that you want to whiten the teeth on.

Step 2: Zoom into the mouth section so that you can see the edges of the teeth pretty well.

Step 3: Use the lasso tool to draw a selection around all the teeth ... try to avoid getting the gums, or lips in the selection, but if you do it's not a big deal. We're just going to be removing the yellow, so the lips and gums won’t be much affected.

Step 4: Go to the Selection menu and select Feather.

Step 5: The amount you feather the selection will depend on the size of the image. If it is a large picture you may want to feather it about 5-6 pixels. For a small image 1-2 pixels would probably work well. The reason you feater the selection is so that the transition between the selected area and the unselected area is smooth.

Step 6: Go to the Image menu and select Adjustments, then select Hue/Saturation.

Step 7: In the Edit drop down menu select Yellows.

Then move the saturation slider all the way to the left.

Finished: Check out that pearly smile.

Another way is to use the magic wand, select the teeth, feather 1-2 pixels and then adjust the gamma setting (middle, values 1.3-1.5) in the levels adjustment.--Jeff

And one more way to do this is to use your pen tool (make sure the paths option is selected) to outline your teeth, this will give you a crisper look and it is much more precise so that you can be sure to avoid any area of the gum line or lips that you need to. Also, when you are in the hue/saturation palate, along with bringing the saturation slider all the way to the left bring the lightness slider as right as you need to. Sometimes just removing the yellow saturation can make the teeth look gray and dingy, by bringing the lightness slider to the right you also can brighten the smile!


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