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Welcome to the 2 Minute Photoshop Tricks Wiki

This site will be home to all kinds of Photoshop tips, tricks and tutorials. But this isn't any old Photoshop website. This site is created and maintaind by you, the users. Anyone can edit and add pages to this web site and you are encouraged to do so. Feel free to add new tricks, refine old ones, or just browse other tricks. And don't worry, adding your own tricks is easy. You don't even need to know HTML. If you haven't used Wiki before you might check out WikiHelp to get familar with the idea of Wikis, and to hop over to the Wiki Sandbox to try your hand at editing pages without worrying about messing anything up. Also check out the help pages on Creating New Pages and Basic Editing if you need help getting started.

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Page last modified on May 28, 2006, at 03:07 AM