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Friday, September 30, 2005

Chromatic Aberration - Step by Step

Step 1: Open up an image that shows some color fringing or chromatic aberration. Then zoom way in on part of the image that shows the chromatic aberration well.

Step 2: Click the button on the bottom of the layers pallet that looks like a circle that is half white and half black, and then select the hue saturation option. This will create a new “hue saturation” adjustments layer.

Step 3: A new dialog box will open. At the top left of this new box there will be a pop up menu that says edit to the left of it. Click on that menu and select “Magentas”. Click the eyedropper button located near the bottom right of the same dialog box. You want the dropper farthest to the left out of the three available. Then in you image click with the dropper tool in one of the spots you see the chromatic aberration. Then slide the saturation slider left while watching your image. Stop the slider when the color fringe is gone then click ok. If the color fringe doesn't completely disappear, you might have more than one color for fringe. Use the middle eye dropper to select more colors of fringe if this is the case.

Step 4: Now we need to mask the areas that weren’t affected by the color fringe so we don’t lose saturation in the rest of the image. Make sure the adjustment layer is selected then select your paintbrush tool from the tool pallet and set your foreground color to black. Then paint the areas in your image that you don’t want the adjustment layer to change.

Now just save a copy of your image and enjoy.

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Blogger Scott and Heather said...

Now that's one heck of a tip! I've always wondered how to fix that problem. Thanks for a great service and great site! Keep the good stuff comin'!

2:04 PM

Blogger William said...

Awesome tips! I really enjoy this podcast more than any others I'm on. So far, the chromatic aberration tutorial, clear skin and noise reduction are my favorite tricks. Thanks!

8:48 AM

Blogger Rush Sherman said...

great site. just found your podcast a couple of days ago.


3:41 AM

Blogger Michael J. Titera said...

Another awesome tip, Kent!

BTW: If you could always include a full resolution download of the photo you are using to demonstrate the tip, that would be extremely helpful.


10:08 PM


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