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Friday, August 19, 2005

Remove Color Cast - Step by Step

Step 1: Open up a color image in Photoshop that has a color cast or tint.

Step 2: click the Image menu and select the adjustments option then the levels option.

Step 3: This will open the Levels dialog box. If this box is coving much of your image try to move it off to one side if you have room. Now look at the bottom right hand corner of the levels dialog box and you should see 3 buttons in a row with a picture of an eyedropper. One black, one grey, and one white. Double click the white one.

Step 4: A new box should open up. Again if it is covering much of you image try to move it to one side. Now Look at your image and find a spot on it that should be white but isn’t due too the color cast. Good places to look for white in images are peoples socks, white t-shirts, pieces of paper, but really any spot that should be white will work. Now the ideal spot shouldn’t be 100% pure white, but just a tiny tiny bit darker but still fairly white. Now click that spot with your mouse.
Now don’t touch your mouse! You need to leave the mouse in the exact spot that you clicked for this trick to work.

Step 5: Now look for three little boxes in a group in the color picker dialog box that have the letters R G and B to the left of them. These boxes all have numbers in them that represent the color you clicked with the mouse. Look to see which of these three boxes has the highest number in it. We need to input this highest number into the other two boxes so that they all have the same number. But we need to do this without touching the mouse. To do this simply push the tab key till the box you want to change is highlighted then type in the number to match the highest number of the three. Do this to the two boxes that didn’t have the highest number then push the return key. The color picker box should close leaving only the levels box and your image.

Step 6: Now with out moving your mouse click the mouse button in the same spot it was originally clicked. Your image should change and the color should look much more neutral. You can now move your mouse again. Click ok.

Step 7: If a box comes up asking if you would like to change the default target color simply click no. Now you can save a copy of this image and enjoy.

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Blogger Harald said...


Good morning keep up your work. I came across it in the iTunes-Store looking for interesting Podcasts. Now I went to your website. I use PS vor many years, but there is always a way to do things differently - and you seem to have some of these tricks up your sleeves.

As I said, keept it up.

Harald, Vienna, Austria, Europe

1:05 AM

Blogger Stijn said...

Very interesting tricks. Keep up the good work.

Stijn, Belgium, Europe

6:21 AM

Blogger coachtastic said...

I was wondering if I could post a link to this site from my classroom site. I teach a yearbook class where students are constantly working with Adobe CS on a number of levels... This site would be perfect for them to check into once in a while...
Thanks for the interesting Podcast.


12:55 PM

Blogger Kent said...

Hey Coachtastic,
I would be ecstatic if you added a link to us from your site. This podcast is all about learning new stuff! Link away.


11:28 PM

Blogger Michael J. Titera said...

Wow! This works like magic. Once again, Ken you are amazing!

9:24 PM

Blogger Howard said...

This one works in Photoshop Elements as well.

11:47 AM

Blogger Alex Mitrani said...

I found this really helpful. Thanks very much.

8:19 AM


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