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2MPT Joins The Photocast Network

Photocast NetworkI am proud to report that 2 Minute Photoshop Tricks has joined the Photocast Network. The Photocast Network was designed to assemble the top photography-based podcasts available, and help podcast listeners that are interested in photography to find other podcasting resources related to their interests by visiting the Photocast Network Web site at Along with working together to promote photography related resources, Photocast Network members will collaborate and provide projects and competitions to the photographer community.

Other initial members of the Photocast Network are:

1 comment August 21st, 2006

Show Update

This show contains no tricks, but does have a quick update on our second photoshop contest our user wiki.

Our 2nd Photoshop contest is for the best use of the photo transformed into a painting trick, which can be found here. Tag your flickr entries with this tag 2mptc2. You can see all the current entries for the contest here.

For help signing up for a flicker account or uploading photo to flickr please see the flickr help pages here.

Note: If you are downloading directly from the web page click here to download.

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Wiki Spam Frustration

wiki iconOur user wiki has been temporarily unlinked from our website due to an uncontrollable amount of spam. The wiki has been defaced so extensively that fixing it has become non trivial. I am currently working on an alternate wiki system that will require user accounts and will offer a bit more automated spam control.

The new wiki can be found at but so far has almost no content, and I’m still working on getting it to look and work the way I want it to. So consider this wiki in the very early stages of development. That being said, if you have experience with wikis, or would like to help migrate content from our previous wiki (still available in its hobbled format at I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your patience and help,
Kent Conklin

UPDATE: Most of the content from the old wiki has been moved to the new wiki. The old wiki has been locked, so you can no longer create or edit tricks, but you can still view the wiki. If you want to add a trick to our wiki feel free to add it to our new wiki which is available here.

1 comment May 24th, 2006

Update: Aged Photos

I’m currently working a trick to make new images look old, but due to the depth of this trick it’s going to take a few extra days to put the trick together. Also, since it’s a rather long trick, it will be split up into 2 episodes but, each episode should be able to stand alone too.

So as a little teaser, here is a before and after picture for this trick.

New to old preview

1 comment April 20th, 2006


Hey everyone, I’ve been a little under the weather lately and had to delay the podcast a bit. I’m starting to feel better and we should have a show coming out very soon. While your waiting for the show, make sure to vote in our new poll and stop by our flickr page.

Thanks for your patience,

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Holgafy Contest – VOTE!

Ok now that the entries have all filtered in through Flickr I have selected six finalists and it’s time to vote for a winner. The finalists are listed below and you can vote for your vacorite by using the poll on the right hand side of the main home page.

I want to give a big thank you to everyone who entered. I had a really hard time just narrowing it down to just six, so if you haven’t looked at all the entries yet, I highly recommend it. There are some really fantastic photos, so load up the slideshow and enjoy.

The voting is closed, and I will announce the winners soon! Thank you to all who voted.

Click “Continue Reading” below to see the finalists.

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100 Flickr Users and Counting

100 Flickr users icon

I am please to announce that our flickr group has reached 100 users and is continuing to grow. Incase you don’t know, the 2 Minute Photoshop Tricks flickr group is a place to share your photoshopped pictures with other listeners. Some of the work there is absolutely fantastic. So if you aren’t a member yet, sign up and upload some images to the group. Also, make sure to leave some feedback/comments on some images if you see something you like. You can visit the flickr group website by clicking here and you can see our original announcement about the flickr group here.

Finally I want to thank all the flickr users in the group for sharing some really wonderfull images with everyone. Keep it up.

1 comment January 23rd, 2006

Video Exclusive

show 23 iconDue to the visual nature of show #23, this trick will be available only in our video format. While I hope not to do this too often, I just couldn’t find a good way to do this trick in an audio only format. You can download the show from our website at or automatically every week at

Our announcement about this show is available in PDF.

Thanks for listening/watching, Kent

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Video Feed

feed iconThe video version of the show now has its own feed for automatic downloads. The feed is available at: and should be available via the iTunes directory soon too.

You can manually add this feed to iTunes by going to the advanced menu and hitting the “subscribe to podcast” option. Then just paste the address into the box and hit OK. Of course the feed will also work in other feed/news aggregators too.

4 comments January 5th, 2006

Photoshop Contest #1 – Holgafy

Holga Contest IconI’m very pleased to announce the first 2 Minute Photoshop Tricks contest. The theme for this first contest will be Holgafy. If you missed the Holgafication episode of the show you can find the audio and the step by step guide for the trick here.

To enter the contest you need to upload a Holgafied photo to Flickr and tag it with this exact tag: 2MPTC1. Please only one entry per listener. You can view the current entries here.

The winner’s photo will be showcased on the site and the show, and maybe get a small prize (if I can find something cool). A small panel will pick the top 5 images in about two weeks and then a listener vote will decide the winner.

Good luck,

2 comments January 4th, 2006

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