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Sunday, October 23, 2005

WIKI Update: Whitening Teeth

Davin has posted the first ever listener trick on the wiki, and I must say its a great one. Davin's guide to whitening teeth is really easy to follow and has some great pictures to go along with it. So go check it out here. Also, I want to thank Davin for blazing the way for listener tricks and for starting out with such a good one. I hope to see some more of you all following suit. I know you all have some bottled up photoshop tricks to share, so lets see 'em!


Stevevonb said...

Good, but after making the selection create a layer out of it. That way you can make additional changes if needed.

7:42 PM

Kent said...

Hey good idea! And that actaully brings up a good point. If anyone has anything to add to a particular tip on the WIKI feel free to just hit that edit button at the top of every WIKI page and added in your suggestions.

1:20 PM


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