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Friday, October 21, 2005

2 Minute Tricks # 13 - Color Spaces

A look at how to save images for posting on the web or sending in emails, and how to make sure that what you see on your monitor will match what other people see on theirs.

Info on Adobe Gamma can be found here.

Sorry the show is a little late this week.

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Anonymous said...

Embedding the true sRGB profile (such as the one that comes with Photoshop) adds about 4k to an image. MacOS X comes with an sRGB profile which is only about 1k. Be aware that it is an approximation of sRGB, but quite close.

If you have a lot of small images--thumbnails for instance, I would hesitate to tag because the profiles do add up. There have been some HTML proposals to specify ICC profiles for images or whole pages such that the browser only has to down load a single copy rather than one per image, but I know of no browser that supports that.

A number of Mac web browsers--Omniweb, Safari and the more or less obsolete Internet Explorer--all read and use embedded profiles for display.

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