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Thursday, September 15, 2005

2 Minute Tricks # 8 - Clear Skin

Show Summary: A look at clearing blemishes from faces and smoothing out skin tones in photoshop.

The show's step by step guide is available here.

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Kate Moss said...

I used this to remove unslightly powder from my nose. Many thanks.

9:16 AM

Kent said...

Hey Kate,
Good use! I suppose this trick could be used to get rid off all sorts of things in images.
Glad it helped and thanks for listening,

10:10 PM

Cath said...

This is a great tip. I used to use the clone tool but this produces a much better result.

12:21 PM

Kent said...

Hey Cath,
Yep, the clone tool is still handy, but the new healing brush and patch tool do a great job on these kinds of jobs.
Thanks for listening,

12:54 PM

zaiden said...

the best trick so far... Very useful, thanks!

8:44 AM

Anonymous said...

fantastic! I spent some time learning tricks in PS from my friend and now he's moved, now I use your site and find your tricks are so helpful!

6:11 PM


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